Mom and Dad getting their first real good look at their newborn baby girl. Born at Good Sams Hospital in Lafayette Colorado

Beautiful and Timeless Birth Photography for Northern Colorado Families

Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and surrounding areas.

Capturing the beautiful moments before, during, and after the delivery of your new baby!

Birth is magical, words are not enough!

To get to know more about DeAnna Weyhrich, birth photographer for Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and surrounding areas,  click here.

To get to know more about DeAnna Weyhrich, birth photographer for Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and surrounding areas, click here.

Hi my name is DeAnna and I would absolutely love the honor of being your photographer when you rock your labor and delivery! Documenting your strength, power, and determination  when you are delivering your baby is indescribable!  That’s why I truly believe and feel that every birth should be photographed.  Having a baby is one of the most difficult but most empowering things you can do and I want you to be able to look back and see that for yourself! I would love to chat with you about your baby and your birth photography plan. 

The pictures I have of my babies being born are really not that great. It seems like just yesterday that I had my own 3 babies.  When I look back on the pictures I do have, I can't even believe they were ever that small and squishy!  Now they are all grown up, out on their own and having their own babies.  I am grateful for the pictures I do have but I just wish they were more beautiful and not just snapshots.

I want you to see what I see through my camera, the strength it took for you to birth your baby and the precious moments and details you might otherwise not remember.

I hold honesty and integrity in the highest regard, so let me be completely honest with you here. It’s important to me that you hire a birth photographer that fits your needs and personality and I accept that I may not be the best photographer for you. That is why I offer a free no obligation consultation so we can meet and talk and see if we vibe with one another. So who exactly would I vibe with? Who is my ideal client? I would say I am a great fit for women who want to have one of the most spectacular days in their lives documented in pictures. Women who want to share their experience with other women and be part of a group that supports women empowering other women. I typically end up becoming friends with my clients after their birth experience is over. Women who enjoy hanging out with me, laughing with me, meeting for lunch, a movie or just hanging out having girl time.

If you are looking for a photographer that takes your pictures and is then out of your life forever, that would not be me. I grow attached to my clients, and want to stay in touch after your sweet baby is born and know that you and your family are happy and healthy.

DeAnna is fantastic! She has such a caring, unassuming presence - you’d never know she’s there, but you’ll get the most amazing pictures to cherish. After working with DeAnna, I strongly believe birth photography should no longer be looked at as a “nicety...if we can afford it” type of thing, but a NECESSITY for all birthing mothers! Budget it, put it on a gift registry...whatever you have to do, do it! It’s SO worth it!
— Sabrina Abernathy

Beautiful belly pictures taken in the comfort of your own home and surroundings or an off site location .

Emotional, honest, and raw moments of the birth of your baby! Please enter this birth gallery only if you are comfortable seeing real images of real births.

Timeless moments captured within 48 hours of your baby’s birth in the hospital when friends & family meet for the first time.

Precious lifestyle images taken in the comfort of your own home 7-10 days after your baby is born.


Birth Photography is powerful!

Watch this video to see how moving it is to have your birth documented by a professional photographer. This video features clips from birth photographers around the world.

I have limited availability each month so don't hesitate to inquire more about my birth photography packages.