In Labor
Midwife and doula talk mama through the contractions.
Beautiful moment of dad supporting mom through a contraction.
Doula at a home birth supporting mom through a contraction in the water.
Midwife at home birth checks on baby’s heartrate.
Birth support team around mom at a home birth.
It’s a girl. Mom and dad are so happy.
Midwife measures baby’s head.
Massage on the back as mama has a very intense contraction that you can see on her side.
Midwife runs all the checks on the baby.
Mom holding baby girl and breastfeeding her.
Mom and dad getting ready to go in for a c-section.
Amazing doctor puts everyone at ease before the c-section begins.
Baby girl delivered by c-section. A true red hair baby!
Dad captures the moment his daughter is born.
Sweet baby girl with tons of blonde hair!
A very stoic brand new baby girl!
Babies born with tons of vernisx are my favorite!
Always amazing to watch the newborns walk reflex.
Sweet little new baby toes.
C-sections are just as amazing as traditional births.
baby feet and name tags.
A gorgeous shot of a very colorful umbilical cord.
The magical moment between worlds!
Mom in labor takes a moment to rest in between contractions
A strong mama begins to push her baby out.
Doctor looking at very thick baby vernix
Precious moment when it looks like the baby is smiling up at her mama.